Uso degli algoritmi nel mercato del credito: dimensione nazionale ed europea

in Osservatorio sulle fonti n. 2/2021

After the 2008 crisis, banks are increasingly investing in bank rating by applying algorithmic techniques to improve the creditworthiness of customers. The European regulator and supervisory authorities are asking banks to adopt profiling methods that are both efficient and legitimate in terms of data processing, but they have not yet identified clear and definite legislation. It is necessary to promote the introduction of rules and principles expressly referring to the issue of algorithms applied to bank rating by defining a sustainable ethical-legal framework within which they can operate. In its recent Proposal for a Regulation on AI, the European Commission identifies among the ‘high-risk’ AI systems those used by banks to evaluate the credit score or creditworthiness of natural persons. This proposal may represent the future specific regulation that the banking system needs.

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