L’impatto dei dati non personali sulle decisioni algoritmiche: la prospettiva delle autorità amministrative indipendenti europee

in Osservatorio sulle fonti n. 2/2021

The ever-expanding power of algorithms designed to make decisions that significantly affect physical persons raises important questions regarding the way the law should protect individuals. The hegemonic capacity proven by the regulation on the processing of personal data, always considered the most suitable basis to legally frame automated decisions, has partly eclipsed other issues and legislations. This paper aims to examine the phenomenon of algorithmic decision-making through the lens of non-personal data by analyzing the documents of some of the European independent administrative authorities that focus on the issues stemming from the lacking attention paid to the strict relation between this type of data and algorithmic systems. Lastly, this work tries to detect the gaps of the legal framework and to understand how the European legislator could address the topic of the algorithmic decision-making in the next years.

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