Safety First for Automated Driving

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Aptiv, Audi, BMW, Daimler ecc._Safety First for Automated Driving, 2019


This publication summarizes widely known safety by design and verification and validation (V&V) methods of SAE L3 and L4 automated driving. This summary is required for maximizing the evidence of a positive risk balance of automated driving solutions compared to the average human driving performance. There is already a vast array of publications focusing on only specific subtopics of automated driving. In contrast, this publication promotes a comprehensive approach to safety relevant topics of automated driving and is based on the input of OEMs, tiered suppliers and key technology providers. The objective of this publication is to systematically break down safety principles into safety by design capabilities, elements and architectures and then to summarize the V&V methods in order to demonstrate the positive risk balance. With Level 3 and 4 automated driving systems still under development, this publication represents guidance for potential methods and considerations in the development and V&V. This publication is not intended to serve as a final statement or minimum or maximum guideline or standard for automated driving systems. Instead, the intent of this publication is to contribute to current activities working towards the industry- wide standardization of automated driving.